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Kids are most welcome, we love having them as part of our church family!

Our groups are a space for kids to have fun, experience Jesus, make friends, and grow in their faith through singing, stories, crafts, snacks and play each Sunday at our 10:45am service.

Our Groups


Primary School
Ages 4 Years+

Giraffes are the tallest mammal in the world. They are not afraid to stand out and stand tall, but are known for being peaceful in nature and love being with their friends.


Our little STW giraffes are growing too, they may never be as tall as a wild giraffe, but we're praying they are not afraid to stand tall, confident in all God has made them to be.


Pre-Primary School
Ages 1-4 Years

In the wild, elephants live in tightly bonded groups and are ready to have fun and care for one another.


Our little STW elephants may be little now, but they're growing, getting ready to make a big stomp in the world.


Ages 0-1 Years

Please feel free to use our Crèche space at any point. There is a live link to listen along to the service and some toys for your little ones so you can stay connected to the service during feeding or baby meltdowns!


Kids are most welcome at St Werburgh's. We love having them as part of our church family!

Before the service

  • Before your first visit, you can register your child in advance using the sign-up form below.

  • When you arrive, head to the Welcome Desk in the foyer to check your kid(s) in from 10.30am. 

  • Enjoy a hot drink or cold squash and a pastry before the service starts. 

  • There’s a dedicated kid’s space at the side of the church with books, toys and colouring that can be used any time.

During the service

  • We start off with everyone in the church and, after some sung worship altogether, parents and Kids Team lead kids out to their groups. 

  • Kids then have 50 mins of supervised time across different zones in the Church Hall. 

  • Elephants – Ages 1-4 yrs - we have a dedicated space with toddler friendly toys and soft floor mats. 

  • Giraffes – Ages 4+ yrs - we have plenty of toys for imaginative play and a table to craft at.

  • If your child feels unwell, becomes unsettled or needs a nappy change/toilet trip during the service, we’ll bring them out to you.

  • Under 1’s – You’re welcome to bring your under 1 to the hall and stay with them. Or if you prefer to stay in the main service, feel free to make use of the Kids Space to the side or the Creche room at the back at any time. Please don’t ever worry about noise - we know kids do church in their own way.

After the service

  • Remember to pick your child up!

  • Hand in the token you received when you dropped off your child.


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