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Family Faith Space

Welcome to the Family Faith Space.


Church doesn't have to be on Sundays. So we’ve brought together some of our favourite kids prayer and worship tools for you to use at home. 


Disclaimer – we don't use all of them... that would be exhausting! We have a go with different aspects of these at different times, with varying degrees of success. We know that kids can be the harshest critics!


Whether you've been around church for a while or are just wanting to explore with your family, feel free to dip in and have a go.

The Book Shelf

Here’s are a few of the books we’ve been reading recently:

Soul-Fuel - Bear Grylls.jpg
Kids Worship Playlist

We’ve put together a playlist full of kid’s worship songs. Crank it up to get dancing and worshipping at home.

Prayer Space At Home

If you’re looking for inspiration, this website is full of it – with 50 prayer activities designed for families to use at home.

Kitchen Table Project

Parents and carers are so important in helping kids develop a faith that lasts. This charity has developed loads of resources to help you do just that.

Parenting for Faith

Parenting for Faith are full of ideas to help parents to raise God-connected kids. We especially love their Five Key Tools.

Guardians of Ancora

This interactive game is a great way for kids to explore the Bible and learn about Jesus themselves – and it’s free to download!

There is more to come.
Watch this space...
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