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Maybe it’s time to refill?


What a year it has been. We have all faced all sorts of pressures, stresses and worries during the COVID-19 pandemic. Invest in yourself today with a wellbeing boost.

What is The Wellbeing Journey?


The Wellbeing Journey is a series of evenings, one each week for eight weeks, where we explore holistic wellness: body, mind and spirit.


Over those eight weeks, we will look at the seven key areas of wellbeing that will help you discover how to run on a full wellbeing tank.

Every part of you matters.

Coming Soon...

Join us for a relaxed and informal time where we can boost our wellbeing, share helpful tools and feel refreshed and rejuvenated as we start to enter into a more 'normal' life again post-pandemic.

Each session will last 1 hour. There will be time to get to know each other, hear from a variety of inspiring speakers, and discuss all that we have heard and how we might be able to apply it to our daily lives.

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