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What are Locals?

Locals are mid-sized groups where community can be built outside of a Sunday. They're a local community to belong to, not bound by specific geography, but a place you can be known and get to know others.


They're a place where you can grow in what it means to follow Jesus in the world, and also a place where you can invite those around you to join a 'local' community where they too can Belong, Grow and Invite.


A place of belonging and growing community. Locals are spaces where people can get to know one another, to share parts of their lives that are perhaps more difficult to share in the context of a Sunday.



Places to go deeper in what it means to follow Jesus in the world. Through regular reading of the bible together, praying and spurring each other on in our walk with Jesus, this is a place of spiritual growth as well as community growth. It is a place where we learn how to grow in what it means to live a missional, fruitful lifestyle and see God’s kingdom impact the lives and world around us.



A place of invite. As a Local grows in community and relationships, they enjoy life together. Through parties, walks, play dates, meals, hang outs, (whatever it may be), we learn to invite those around us to come and be a part of our Local community. 

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